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Tracking changes

Audit Log is an additional module for Sage 200. Designed to track changes to fields in core modules such as nominal, sales, purchase and cash book plus field level changes to sales and purchase orders.

Why would you need this module?

  • If you need to know that changes have been made to core module field data or sales and purchase orders
  • If you need to be aware of changes that have occurred in your Sage system
  • You can act quickly on these changes. For example a sales orders could be critical to monthly sales analysis and reporting
  • Be aware of changes to bank details on supplier accounts
  • This module provides a way of tracking these changes and reporting them to the relevant user or user group to approve or act upon

Fully integrated within Sage 200 & easy to use

Operation of the module, approvals and enquiries is all carried out within the Sage 200 environment

Operational description

  • Any change made within core modules will result in a ‘pop-up’ reason box
  • Free text descriptions can be given but the box cannot be left blank
  • Each module type can either simply update a log file or be queued for review and approval by a user or user group

Modules included in the audit

  • Nominal Ledger
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Stock Control
  • Sales Order Processing


A Sage report designer report is included to print audit history

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies

Can be used on multiple Sage companies at no additional cost

System Requirements

Audit log runs as an additional module to Sage 200 so it has no additional system requirements. Sage report designer report is included to print audit history