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Product Overview

Sicon Fixed Assets is designed specifically as an additional module for Sage 200. Fully integrated with Sage 200 financial ledgers and month end processes this is a simple module to use. Incorporating list views and work spaces plus a host of standard reports designed in the Sage report designer, this module compliments the Sage 200 suite.

Installed and maintained within Sage 200

  • Installed as a standard Sage 200 module

Easy to install and use

  • Try it free for 30 days
  • Single module price covers all existing Sage 200 users

Runs with multiple Sage Companies

  • Unlimited Sage companies are supported at no additional cost

Import Assets from Excel

  • Conversion method for Sage Line 100 fixed assets systems

Sage 200 menu structure for fixed assets included

  • Fixed Assets menu provided for custom menu design

Period driven posting of depreciation

  • Linked to Sage period end routine
  • Posting to the nominal ledger

Multi nominal postings

  • Post depreciation to multiple nominal, cost centre and departments by percentage.

Create assets from Purchase Ledger Invoices

  • As invoices are processed new assets can be added (optional) for service and maintenance costs

Standard depreciation methods supported

  • Straight line, reducing balance, sum of digits

Memo’s and attachments per asset

  • Sage style memo’s and attachments can be used to added to each asset

Integrates with Sage Project Accounting

  • Depreciation postings can also be made to projects

User defined Categories & Sub Categories

  • To improve category reporting and breakdown

Employee & location lists

  • To assist with asset location, reporting and tracking

Transaction history

  • For postings of depreciation with drill down

Change history

  • Tracks changes of all fields such as employee, location, nominal’s

Disposal of assets process wizard

  • To help control the disposal process and nominal postings
  • Link to, or create a sales invoice

Asset revaluation process wizard

  • To help control the revaluation process and nominal postings

Reports are available in standard Sage report designer

  • Reports are run in the normal way from Sage
  • Reports can be amended in the report designer
  • New reports can be created using the new catalogue

Forecast of depreciation postings

  • Provides on screen report and output of nominal postings
  • Groups by nominal code to help with budget update and import


  • Provides on screen report and drilldown to nominal postings