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Product Overview

Recommended where a full ‘Bills of Material’ module and process is to complex and a simple list of parts that make up a ‘kit’ will provide a good solution. This module provides a simple solution for single level parts lists that can be allocated and issued to make a finished product.

Installed and maintained as part of Sage 200

  • Installed as an additional module within Sage 200
  • Maintenance screens look and feel like Sage 200
  • Use standard stock movement for allocation and issue of materials

Selling a Kit

  • Create a single level list of parts linked to the sales part number
  • Enter the sales order and check kit availability on the fly
  • Allocate only or allocate and issue the parts from Sales Order Processing

Disassemble a returned product

  • Enter a sales return for a kit item and return the components to stock


  • Improve stock control by allocating & issuing component parts more quickly
  • Can be integrated with Sage SOP or used on its own to build finished products

Typical applications

  • Adding labels and packing of varying types to finished goods as they are shipped
  • Allow quick assembly of mixed packs of wines or other goods

Integration with other modules

  • Uses standard Sage 200 stock control items

Runs with Multiple Sage Companies

  • Can be used on multiple Sage companies at no additional cost
  • System requirements
  • runs as an additional Sage 200 module so has no additional requirements