The 8 Benefits of Sage CRM for SMBs


What is Sage CRM?

Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a valuable way for businesses to track and manage interactions with their prospects, leads and customers as they make their way through the sales cycle of a company, but how?

Well, the sales, marketing and service modules of Sage CRM extend the power of a Sage Business Management Solution right across a business, giving end-to-end visibility and trusted data so that you can make informed business decisions based on accurate information at all times.

Over 14,000 small and medium sized companies across the globe use Sage CRM every day to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction counts. So, what benefits can it bring to your business?

What Are the Benefits of Sage CRM for SMBs?

Sage CRM software provides companies with valuable insight that can ultimately benefit their bottom line. It is also associated with the following exciting benefits:

1.       Gaining Better Insights

With Sage CRM you can generate reports for key areas of your business including sales, customer service, lead reports, marketing and so on. You can even create tailored reports that measure how the business is performing against KPIs. These types of reports help managers evaluate where the business stands and make more informed decisions.

2.       Leads & Opportunity Management

With CRM software, your sales team can manage leads from first contact through to final customer acquisition. You and your management team can optimise sales resources and ensure your team members spend more time on profitable opportunities and less on administration.

3.       Boosted Productivity with Collaborative Working

Sage CRM can help all departments of a company to become more productive on a regular basis. The software is intended specifically to serve the sales, marketing and customer support departments of a business, enabling them to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

4.       Advancing your Marketing Strategy

Marketing teams can identify leads, opportunities and closed sales and use Sage CRM to plan targeted campaigns and track these results in real-time. Sage CRM also supports email marketing by connecting with MailChimp, so you can send high quality, e-marketing campaigns that deliver on your investment then track your campaigns in your CRM software.

5.       Increasing Revenue

While you will have to spend a certain amount to use Sage CRM software, it is well worth it when you consider the long-term savings you will get in return. Once the overall productivity and efficiency of your company’s departments starts increasing, so will your revenue.

6.       Improving Customer Relationships

Establish a strong relationship with your customers and improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments. You can handle queries and complaints and resolve queries faster and more effectively with up-to-date information.

7.       Managing Data Effectively

Sage CRM is built to manage your contact information and makes contact management easy due to its secure, central database. Storing phone numbers, email and postal addresses in one central location as well as communication history, sales quotes, and orders received makes data retrieval fast and easy, ideal for travelling sales people requiring mobile access.

8.       Sales Force Automation

Using Sage CRM, you can automate many of the day-to-day tasks that form part of the sales process including order processing, lead management and sales forecasts. This automation eliminates the need to spend time performing manual daily tasks like scheduling sales calls.

Drive Revenue Growth in your Business…

Forward-thinking business owners and managers need new ways of growing their businesses. By automating processes within your business, you are able to do more for less.

It pays to ensure employees can work smarter and management have the information they need to make more informed business decisions.

Only then can you control costs, increase revenues and accelerate the success of your business.

This is where Sage CRM can help… by integrating a CRM solution, small and medium sized businesses can achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With a complete view of customer activity across your business, you will gain better business insight, increase the productivity of your teams, and put your business on the path to growth.

Explore how Sage CRM is helping businesses everyday by delivering business insights that matter here.

6 Benefits of Using a Hosted Server for your Sage Solution


Improving your Business Software

If you’ve been thinking about buying or upgrading to Sage 200, a crucial factor to consider is the compatibility of your IT infrastructure to run the software. Developments in hardware and the associated Microsoft technologies (Server, SQL, Windows, Office etc.) are ongoing and can make improving your business software much more costly than it needs to be.

Working from Multiple Locations & Devices

In addition, flexible working, from multiple locations and multiple devices is now a ‘must have’ for many companies. Whether you are working from home, abroad or on the move in between meetings, having the option to work remotely is no longer a benefit, it’s a genuine requirement.

As users spend increasing amounts of time moving from one device to another, the ability to have a seamless user experience with continuous access to your company information has become a process more difficult to oversee. Factors such as security, permissions, data sovereignty, disaster recovery, and continuity are all of paramount importance yet are not part of your day job. So, how can you gain the relevant service without having to oversee such dynamics?

Using a Secure Hosting Service

By using a secure hosting service, you can be sure that your Sage 200 system and data are secure, backed-up and accessible from multiple devices. Find out more about the key benefits a hosted server can bring to your business…

Key Benefits:
·         A flexible solution

A hosted server for your sage software offers a flexible solution that’s built to suit your needs both now and in the future… What’s more, you can tailor the service you receive to suit the requirements of your business, and if things change, this flexible solution can be altered accordingly.

·         Disaster recovery

Gain from enhanced security and automated data back-ups, ensuring you have a back-up should disaster strike. With 24-7 monitoring and UK based support also available; your business can gain valuable, reliable and accessible assistance when you need it most.

·         Cost effective

By choosing this cost effective solution you can gain from immediate efficiency without large capital expenditure. This low upfront investment and simple implementation means you can focus on growth, profitability, productivity and innovation helping you to improve your business performance.

·         Accessible on any device

Access your data on the move using your mobile device, meaning you can gain the service you need anytime, anywhere. Users can connect depending on their individual requirements making this accessible investment simple to access whether you’re in the office, working from home, or between meetings.

·         Future proofed technology

While you can’t avoid change altogether, you can ensure that the foundation of your technology is flexible enough to adapt. This future proofed technology provides users with simple upgrade paths and scope for expansion, enabling plenty of possibility for adaption as both time and your business progress.

·         No long term contracts

While many companies are renowned for forcing their clients to sign lengthy contracts and long-term agreements, our hosting solution is available month to month, so you don’t feel tied down.

How Can M2M Technology Help?

Whilst Sage offer an online version of Sage 200, which is an excellent solution for companies with a low user counts and modest requirements, it does not yet encompass all the modules and is limited in its ability to integrate with other systems. Additionally, for existing Sage 200 users, there is presently no formal commercial model to transition you into the online subscription world. This is where M2M Technology can help. If you would like to know more about our hosting options for Sage 200, please get in touch today…

How EQUE2 Software Can Help to Reduce Staff Turnover within Construction

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Staff turnover costs the construction industry thousands of pounds every year; it’s also the most expensive invisible cost that contractors suffer. But how exactly does staff turnover cost the construction industry money? Here we explain in more detail the steps that commonly lead to a high turnover.

Step 1: Low productivity levels

Step 2: Low quality service

Step 3: Missed deadlines

Step 4: Time wasted interviewing

Step 5: Time wasted processing paperwork

Step 6: Time wasted training new employees

Step 7: Poor customer service

Low productivity has a lot to answer for, and being the first step in the chain, we’d recommend this being the step you focus on first. By doing so, you can avoid the subsequent 6 steps from occurring.

How Do I Heighten Productivity Levels?

Contractors face many challenges in the building industry and with so many business practices to consider, from managing deadlines, budgets and contract requirements to keeping staff happy, it’s no wonder contractors find themselves lacking in time and energy. With multiple roles to juggle, thinking of a new way to manage tasks could mean having more time to spend looking after staff, subsequently resulting in improved turnover rates.

New software can benefit construction companies by providing that added functionality, helping to heighten productivity levels and ensure countless deadlines, budgets and contracts are managed effectively. An integrated CRM can help you keep track of prospects, customers and projects all in one go, leading to enhanced customer relationships, it’s just a matter of finding the right software for your business.

What Software Should I Use?

The EQUE2 Construction Suite is provided by one of the country’s leading Construction Industry software developers, with a portfolio of products available, aimed at businesses of all sizes.

What are the Benefits of using the EQUE2 Construction Suite?
  • Links with both Sage 50 and Sage 200 so regardless of where your company is now, there is a package to suit your requirements
  • Provides real-time visibility of contract information, allowing you to manage budgets and costs effectively while measuring performance against your company’s targets
  • Uses the industry standard accounts package and links to a flexible contract costing system, allowing you to report WIP information on a job-to-job basis, analysing profitability per item or by contract as required
  • Allows you to interact with the HMRC Gateway to verify new subcontractors, and submit your monthly HMRC CIS returns, saving time and ensuring your contracts stay on track, and in profit
  • Handles all kinds of documents (applications, certificates, invoices etc.) specific to the Construction industry, and can deal with both cumulative and non-cumulative transactions as required, coping with CIS on all supplier documents, as well as CITB and retention values
  • You can setup your contracts to be as simple or complex as you require – from single line jobs where all costs/revenue are logged together, to contracts with thousands of individual lines
  • In addition to the reports available within Eque2 Construction there is also the Intelligent Construct Analysis (ICA) module available as a ‘bolt on’ that allows users direct (read only) access to the SQL Database
  • Eque2 Construct is compatible with all current Windows operating systems, and can be successfully installed it in a range of environments from a standalone PC to Hosted/Cloud type environments
How Can EQUE2 Construction Suite Help Manage Staff Turnover?

With new technologies emerging, the way in which businesses within the construction industry operate is changing. Investing in the latest technology means construction companies can gain the support they need to repair weak business practises, with the help of coordinating software.

With help of the EQUE2 Construction Suite you can coordinate your whole business from a single system that links your financials, purchasing, contract costing, payroll and subcontractors, enabling you to simplify business practises and save yourself valuable time.

Inevitably, the EQUE2 Construction Suite provides you with an effective strategy of new technological opportunities allowing you to adopt a planning and budgeting solution that assists in better productivity rates.

The development of such software is helping the construction industry in driving reliable outcomes and improving profit margins, ultimately resulting in better staff turnover rates.

The Benefits of Sage Software for Small & Medium Enterprises


The History of Sage…

As one of the UK’s leading Sage Development and Solution centres, we’re pleased to call Sage a business partner, especially with the vast level of benefits that Sage software has to offer to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs).

6.2 million companies around the world use Sage products and services across 100 countries, so it’s clear to see that Sage must be doing something right, and with innovative, reliable and cost-effective software solutions readily available, Sage can meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses all over the world.

Who were the Sage Founders?

Sage began working wonders back in 1981, founded by two entrepreneurs in Newcastle; David Goldman, who had worked in the printing business for 20 years, and Paul Muller, a computer expert who had previously been one of the four key NASA navigators for the first Apollo mission to land on the moon. They entered the US market in 1991, followed by France in 1992 and Germany in 1997, leading up to India in 2004 and China in 2006.

What are the Benefits of using Sage Software?

Despite its worldwide success, one of the great advantages of Sage is that as a business, it is regionalised, meaning it can provide familiarised products based on the needs of local markets, leaders and customers. As a result of this localised focus, Sage has become a market leader in the business software space in many of the countries it operates in.

With such a great selection of software to choose from, businesses can be certain to gain the service they require, especially with the following software on offer:

Sage 200 2016
  • Benefit from an easier to navigate, sleeker and more intuitive interface with the latest software from Sage
  • Makes workspaces faster and more efficient, particularly when working between two or more companies
  • Recognises patterns and what it is you do each day
Sage 200
  • Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs) can gain complete visibility of information across their entire business with a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution
  • Choose the modules and features that are right for your business with a fully customisable solution
  • Manage your finances, customers and business insight all-in-one
Sage 200 CRM
  • Manage contact information with ease by storing your phone numbers, emails and addresses all in one place
  • Store your customer data in a central, secure location with the central database
  • Manage leads from first contact through to final customer acquisition
Sage 50 Accounts
  • Keep track of your cash flow, and manage cash, card or cheque payments
  • Have an accurate view of your cash positionwith easy bank reconciliation and e-banking
  • Work with your accountantwith minimal fuss by using the accountant link
Sage 50 Payroll
  • Create an action plan, set up a pension or calculate the cost of Automatic Enrolment to your business in The Pensions Centre
  • Manage and submit your payroll information to HMRC under the new RTI Legislation and keep a record of your submissions
  • Automatically calculate statutory payments such as tax, PAYE, National Insurance, sick pay, maternity pay and more
Sage Has Grown by Recognising the Opportunity for New Ideas at the Right Time

Sage’s original innovation has revolutionised how many UK companies, both large and small, do business and they continue to support them today.

As one of the UK’s leading Sage Development and Solution centres and with over 25 years of experience in implementing Sage systems, M2M are able to provide a full range of services covering all aspects of the Sage business software, and we most definitely recommend it.

Drive Revenue Growth in Your Business

EditorM2M, Sage

Forward-thinking business owners and managers always need new ways of helping their businesses grow.

Success comes from automating processes within your business and ultimately doing more for less. It pays to ensure employees can work smarter and management have the information they need to make more informed business decisions.

Only then can you control costs, increase revenues and accelerate the success of your business. Sage’s new integrated CRM solution enables small and medium sized businesses to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With a complete view of customer activity across your business, you will gain better business insight, increase the productivity of your teams, and put your business on the path to further growth.

Outperform the competition
Across the globe, companies are already experiencing the power of an integrated CRM and business management solution. Sage’s integrated CRM will help you bring together every area of your business including sales, finance, marketing and customer service.

Improve customer service
With a complete view of the customer life-cycle, your customer service team will gain the tools they need to resolve queries faster and with more personal responses.

Market more effectively
You will now be able to create targeted campaigns based on customer information and deliver a better return on your marketing budget.

Empower more productive people teams
An integrated solution gives your colleagues what they need to become more productive, and it also helps you avoid duplication of work. Customer service teams handle customer queries more efficiently, and sales teams can source quotes faster and meet specific shipment and delivery requirements.

Work faster and smarter
Automating workflows that seamlessly connects one department to the next ensures your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Use visibility to drive profitability
Using real-time information about the volume and value of trade in your company, you can identify sales patterns and cross-sell opportunities.

Pitch new products to the right people
With better business insight, you will be able to leverage reliable customer data and target customers who want your new products and services.

5 ERP Trends to Watch in 2017

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With the ever-changing pace of innovation across the tech ecosystem, 2016 brought some expected as well as some unanticipated developments. We saw cloud reach its tipping point, consolidation in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space, and artificial intelligence enter into mainstream tech conversations.

Over the past few years, ERP has changed dramatically from the on-premises, legacy behemoth it was a few years ago.

The upcoming year and years beyond are poised to see some additional changes in ERP functionality and integrations. Here are the top five trends that we think you should watch during 2017.

1. Predictive Analytics Will Increase Competition

Toward the end of 2016, the buzz around predictive analytics grew in intensity, and with good reason. Predictive analytics allows organisations to tap into collected data and make educated decisions about how customers will behave to improve offerings and reduce waste.

2. Machine Learning and Cognitive Ability Integrations in ERP Will Continue to Grow

Machine learning has already proven to be an effective technology for organisations in all verticals. More and more organisations are demanding these capabilities. Also, as the Internet of Things continues to grow and expand other cognitive technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language capabilities will continue to grow and become more important elements of ERP.

3. Security Will Continue to Be a Concern

Hacking and cyber crime is at the forefront of everyone’s mind during the beginning of this year because of national news coverage. But hacking and corporate espionage aren’t new trends, and they’re not going to disappear.
The number of threats is increasing, but more concerning is the sophistication with which those threats are executed. Cloud vendors will continue to fight cyber security, and some legislation may be introduced to address the issue, as well, but even with more tools and legislation, the problem will continue as long as criminals exist. Organisations need to invest in preventive, detective, and responsive controls, focusing more intently on detective controls that can find and mitigate the root of an attack.

4. Expanded public cloud tool sets

The emergence of cloud-based computing will continue to grow with pace. Various public network providers including AWS, Microsoft and HP are beefing up their internal tool sets to accommodate more complex, data-driven systems such as ERP platforms.

5. Rising ERP adoption among Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

In the past, small business access to ERP tenets and processes has been largely unobtainable due to various cost and operational complexities. Going forward, however more cloud-based systems providers are offering small business-specific ERPs as the global market continues to mature.
In all, 2017 should be an exciting year for seeing additional ERP capabilities brought on by ever-expanding cognitive capabilities.

Organisations will tap into these capabilities as the cost of base ERP prices fall, but those organisations will need to do some research before selecting an ERP application when upgrading or purchasing a new installation because additional costs accrued in add-on modules and customisations could negate those price reductions.
One thing is certain: 2017 will be an interesting year.