Datalinx Computer Systems

The Datalinx  Mobile Ordering & Delivery system utilises the latest in handheld and tablet technology providing the user with remote order taking functionality, cash collection, client management, merchandising and confirmation of product delivery whilst on-site whilst on-site with a client “taking Sage Mobile”.

The application is typically used by the company sale rep or delivery van driver and is also beneficial at trade shows or when away from fixed terminals at trade centres and market trade floors.

As with all the applications from Datalinx, the mobile Ordering and Delivery system has been developed and created to be an integral part of the Sage application and an extension to the central business system.

3G/EDGE, Wi-fi or Batch

The application is built around the 3G/EDGE mobile phone network, with an additional option to work on Wi-Fi networks or utilise batch downloads.

This ensures the application can communicate to the Sage host in real time in areas of good wireless coverage, yet is not dependent on a single network connection to operate. Allowing mobile workers to continue to use the system whilst in areas of poor or no coverage.

Datalinx Mobile Order and Delivery is designed to use SmartPhone/PDA’s or the latest Window 7 Tablets devices. The user can be provided with a ‘call list’ of clients scheduled and issued via Sage to the handheld. The user can then select the visiting order. Call lists are viewed in colour coded daily format and once completed removed from the day’s agenda.

Within the Datalinx Mobile applications, mobile users can be updated with changes, actions,and messages throughout the working day, ensuring that as business needs change the mobile worker is alerted and provided with accurate information about stock and their customers.

Console Management

Information is issued from the core Sage accounting system to the user’s handheld device via a Datalinx Console.

The console can be an active part of the business providing additional reporting information or seen as a ‘sleeper’ tool allowing the business to automatically transfer transactions processed by the remote user directly into the Sage system ensuring the office based team have current knowledge of external sales and debt collection (where relevant).

Core System Functionality

1. Order taking

  • account customers
  • cash customers

2. Stock levels and availability

3. Cash Collection with:

  • receipted print outs
  • reconcillation reports

4. Proof of delivery with signature capture

5. Merchandising

Account History via the handheld device

On arriving at a client’s site the user is presented on the handheld with any pertinent information. Including:

  • Account balance
  • Invoice history – printable whilst on site
  • Receipt history
  • Customer specific price lists
  • Follow up notes
  • Loyalty point scheme

Additional User Activities

These may be recorded against the visiting client through the handheld device,e.g..

  • Site survey
  • Merchandising activity
  • Placing of sales orders

Console Functionality

  • Order taking
  • Barcode printing
  • Customers
  • Stock
  • Reports
  • Routes

Placing an Order

The order taking process presents the user with an “Order Pad” to enter product and quantities. As the product barcode is scanned, selected from the Sage menu or keyed, the client price book is accessed and any associated promotions or special pricing detailed as the order is taken.

Once the order is confirmed, client purchase order number, reference numbers and any special notes can be entered. On completion a signature may be collected and if required, the order printed through a portable printer.

It is also possible to place an order via the handheld for:

  • Invoicing (on delivered goods)
  • Future delivery
  • Quotation

Processing payments

The Mobile Order and Delivery system from Datalinx works with a variety of payment proceses to meet clients requirements.

If the user solely works with account customers, on dispatch of orders clients will be provided with invoices produced from sage in the normal manner.

If however, part of the visit to the client is to collect cash, then cash received is recorded and reconciled both on the handheld and on the central system. These reports are presented in an appropriate format for posting or assigning Sage accounts into Sage.

Data Collection

Datalinx MOD Manager application may also be used to collect information about a customer site from a predetermined list of questions and points of reference, including planographs and promotional photographs.


The deilivery side of the application provided the capability to record and capture the proof of delivery of product previously ordered by clients. Further details of the functionality can be seen in “Datalinx Proof of Delivery” product overview.

At the end of a client call details of all orders taken, payment collected and any merchandising related information is updated to the head office and into Sage. This is completed via the mobile network or if the user is in a poor connection area., held in the mobile device until the network becomes available.


To assist with the day to day business reporting that mobile employees need to complete, the system may be configured to capture details on expenses, vehicle mileage, review sales targets, daily activities and call rates.

System Requirements

Mobile order and Delivery will work with any level of Sage from Sage 50 professional, Sage 200 to Sage ERP 1000.

In Summary

The Datalinx Mobile Order and Delivery application allows the user to take orders and collect client information whilst remote from the office based systems and then immediately update Sage via a wireless connection. This may be whilst at a client’s premises, at a trade shows or on the sales floor within a market place or trade centre.