Datalinx have extended the Warehouse Manager 200 suite with increased fuctionality to now include project accounting. Warehouse Manager 200 is one of the most flexible and sophisticated real-time warehouse management systems on the market.

The Datalinx Warehouse Manager Project Accounting module is integrated to the Sage 200 Commercials module and allows hand held scanners to efficiently manage, stock picks, issues ad returns, allowing stock to be issued and costed to projects.As is standard with all Datalinx systems, the data input is confirmed in real-time via the wireless network directly into Sage 200.


Within Datalinx Warehouse Manager, the Project Accounting module is accessed through role assigned menus on hand held barcode scanners.

System integration follows standard Datalinx practice with realtime updates via the wireless network directly into Sage 200.

Datalinx Project Accounting records and tracks:

  • Issue of free stock to a project and project item
  • Issue of a pr-allocated stock to a project
  • Return of items from a project into stock

Stock issues to a project may be from either free stock or allocated stock.

Stock movement / audit trail by employee date and time is recorded and can be referenced.

There is a range of hand held terminals available to suit individual customer preferences.

When batch or serial tracked products are required these can be picked by handhelds which will guide the picker to specific bins following standard Sage rules.

Details of items receipted into stock on a purchase order against a specific project are automatically updated into Sage 200. Cost posting follows the settings on the original purchase order.

Transactions specific to a project:

Stock bought specifically for a project can be allocated in Sage. The resulting requirements will be followed accordingly in the Datalinx Project Accounting module on all barcode scanning devices.

Issues and returns of stock to a project.

When free stock items are issued to a project, all movements and quantity changes are recorded by scanning product barcodes on standard Datalinx handheld devices. The resulting inventory and project details are updated into Sage at the time of the transaction with no delay or additional paperwork required.

Stock returns are recorded via the handheld barcode scanners and Sage is updated in real time. This enables stock to immediately become accessible for issue and use in alternate projects.

Where configured within Sage 200, all transactions for product that are set to be serial and batch tracked will follow Sage rules. Transaction details, and traceability information are updated into Sage in real time and are automatically recorded against the nominated project and Sage listed stock availability.

Field names on the handsets can be tailored to reflect individual warehouse terminology.

As is standard whn processing an issue or rerturn, Datalinx Project Accounting functionality will request confirmation of:

  • Stock item
  • Pick bin / put away bin
  • Project code
  • Project item
  • Stock quantity
  • Any relevant traceable item information


Warehouse Manager 200 Project Accounting Availability

For Sage version 2010 or later

Warehouse Manager 200 users, the Datalinx Warehouse Manager 200 project accounting functionality is avalable under their annual maintenance contracts

Inventory Manager 200 users will need to upgrade to Warehouse Manager 200 or purchase the Project Accounting Element module to add into the existing installation.

Sage 200 users who do not have Datalinx Inventory or Warehouse Manager can purchase the Project Management Element as an individual module.