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eCommerce integration

Connect Sage 200 and your Ecommerce site

E-commerce companies often find that they are using multiple systems to manage different areas of their business. By integrating your website with Sage 200 you can easily transfer data between two systems, including product information, orders and dispatches.

Integration between Sage 200 and your e-commerce website makes sure that data is consistent and accurate throughout your whole business. The integration automates processes between Sage and your website making your business more efficient and ensures nothing slips through the net.

  • Automatically manage customers and orders
  • Export and update product information and images from Sage 200 to your website
  • Import and export pricing details with the ability to apply percentage or value discounts
  • Export stock levels to your website to allow available stock to be displayed
  • Send dispatch information back to the website to allow customers to track their order
Having the website integrated fully with Sage 200 saved a colossal amount of time and effort. We are currently loading about 2,000 product lines and expect this to rise to 10,000 in the future.

The Data Exchange module has saved us having to upload the details and images of each of these products to the website separately while ensuring that there are no errors through duplication of work.Managing Director Power Tool Supplier

Main features and benefits

  • Fully automated

Data Exchange automatically uploads data between Sage and your website any manual intervention.

  • Build your product catalogue in Sage

Automatically upload product details including prices, stock levels and images from Sage.

  • Automatically manage customers and orders

Orders are automatically transferred from the website and created in Sage without any manual processing. Customer records are also automatically created or amended ensuring nothing slips through the net.

  • Import batch and serial numbered items

Data Exchange provides the ability to receive goods, add, write off, transfer and issue stock using batch / serial numbered items.

  • Fully audit log generated

Data Exchange provides a full audit log of all successful and failed imports. Email notifications can also be sent to system administrators.

  • Manage your business from one system

Integrating your Sage 200 system with your website means that you can manage your whole business from one system.

  • Automatically manage processes between data sets (new feature)

Can be connected to multiply Sage 200 datasets.

  • Export price book

Export information such as: products discounts, customer discounts, order value discounts and price bands.

  • Cut data entry in half and reduce errors

Having to only update one system means that the product changes only need to be made once, cutting data entry time in half, reducing errors and keeping data accurate throughout the business.

  • Operates with CSV and /or XML files

Data exchange can import and export both CSV and XML files over either network or FPT.

  • Link to existing eCommerce sites

You don’t need to build or re-build your ecommerce site to integrate with your Sage 200. Data Exchange can link to existing sites.

  • Multiple FTP locations

Allows data to be exported to multiple data locations to cater for different websites.