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Rapid order entry in Sage 200

Sales Order Plus provides the tools to access information and process orders,quickly and accurately from within one form. It is easily configurable and highly successful in telesales and trade counter environments.

With features readily available from a single screen, the user has little need to navigate complex menu structures to find the information they require in order to provide a high level of service to their customers.

Organisations can benefit from the ability to process an order from entry through to invoice printing at the click of a button. This allows users to focus on processing orders rapidly, while providing a great customer experience.

“The add previous order and add historical item tools are great, especially for clients who order the same items but possibly different quantities. To process their order we need to know how much they paid for the item on previous orders and how much they were charged for delivery. SO Plus now saves us a great deal of time trawling through old orders to capture this information.”Sales Manager, Display System Manufacturer

Main features and benefits

  • Easy to use

Uses the standard Sage 200 order entry screen, meaning that no additional training is required. The standard functionality is not lost, merely enhanced.

  • Rapid order entry

Retrieve information about previously ordered items and add from historical purchases. Check previous order price and ad multiple items to an order at the click of a button.

  • Fast creation of new customers

When taking an order from a new customer, standard Sage 200 requires a quote to be created or the customer to be entered from the Sales ledger. SO Plus allows new customers to be created at the click of a button.

  • Simple sales inquiries

Our Sales Notepad allows users to price an order before a customer is created or their details have been selected.

  • One Click dispatch/ invoice

Process orders through to dispatch and/or invoice at the click of a button – ideal fro trade counter environments.

  • Postcode look up

Using the Royal Mail database, quickly enter addresses using the customer’s postcode. Capscan license required.

  • Find customer accounts quickly

Allows the user to search for customer by delivery address.

  • Sales Ledger memo

Users can enter customer-specific popup memos against individual sales ledger accounts that will then be displayed when entering a sales order for those customers.

  • Maximise cross-selling opportunities

Associate other products with a particular item, and alert the sales executive of these when that item is added to an order. This ensures a cross-selling opportunity is never missed and enables users to provide a positive customer experience.

  • Fast entry to other screens

Users are able to open multiple screens without having to minimise the order entry screen. Eg. view item balances, view item details, view account enquiry, view item purchase orders.

  • Use from within Sage 200 or Sage 200 CRM

Sales Order Plus screen can be accessed from within Sage 200 or Sage 200 CRM using screen popping.

  • Barcode Scanning

Scans stock item code alias to automatically add the product to an order.