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Create sales orders via the web

Web SO for Sage 200 has been designed to allow users to quickly enter sales orders into the Sage 200 Suites via a web interface. The software doesn’t take up any additional licenses for Sage 200 and as a result is ideal for companies that have more users who need to enter sales orders than they have Sage 200 licenses, or have several remote users who are required to raise sales orders.

The simple to use web interface permits multi-company access and allows users to enter sales orders and look-up stock levels and customer details on the move, all in real time.

  • Access real–time data from the Sage 200 Suite
  • Mimics Sage 200 sales order entry
  • View and print sales orders via any web-capable device
  • Powerful search functionality, allowing users to quickly look up customer and stock information
  • Available on multi company installations
  • Interface can be designed to reflect customer’s own branding

“Since the launch of our first web services product, Web Po, we have had a lot of requests from customers and partners for the equivalent functionality for sales orders.

Web SO for Sage 200 is perfect for sales representatives who are often out on the road, giving them the flexibility to create sales orders on the go. This means they spend less time in the office catching up on paper work and more time meeting clients and creating new sales opportunities.”

Main features and benefits

  • Enter sales orders via a web interface

Allows multiple users to quickly and easily create sales orders via a web interface, streamlining the SO entry process and improving business efficiency.

  • Powerful search functionality

Quickly check stock, look up customer details and view sales orders in Sage 200 in real time via a web interface.

  • User Permissions

Administrators can control access to the system via user permissions restricting access only to the relevant people.

  • Mimics Sage 200 sales order entry

Web SO allows you to enter stock, free text, comment lines and additional charges via a web interface, just like you would in Sage 200.

  • Access real-time data

View up to date and accurate information from the Sage 200 Suite without any need for synchronisation.

  • No need for additional Sage 200 Licenses

Web SO uses the remote Sage 200 user access eliminating the expense of additional Sage 200 licenses. This is ideal for companies that have many users who need to enter sales orders but don’t need access to the rest of the system.

  • Access anytime, anywhere

Web SO is installed on and runs from your server. Permitting remote and mobile user access. As a result it is perfect for companies with different branches or staff that need access on the move.

  • Multi-company access

Functionality available across all Sage 200 companies from within the one interface. Users can quickly change company at the click of a button.

  • Customisable user interface

Look and feel of the web interface can be customised to include your company branding or to mimic your company website, making the system familiar to end users.