Sage 200 Back Up & Disaster Recovery

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan that includes your Sage system?
Imagine if your business suffered a serious blow such as a fire, break in or security breach leading to a catastrophic failure of your Sage system. Any downtime of your critical business management system can be disastrous, especially in today’s climate. None of us like to think about it, but it makes sound business sense to be prepared for the worst. Forward planning now really could be the driving force that ensures you are able to get your systems up and running quickly and minimise the damage to your business.
A Disaster Recovery plan includes the procedures in place that will prepare for the recovery or continuation of all technological frameworks critical to an organisation after a natural or human induced disaster. Disaster recovery isn’t just for large organisations – these incidents are very common with growing numbers of viruses, security threats, hardware failure and data corruption. All organisations should be prepared for all potential eventualities.

Cybersecurity is a high priority item for 68% of senior managers.
Only 29% of companies have written cyber security policies.
Only 1/10 companies have a formal incident management plan.
65% of large companies witnessed a cyber security breach or attack within the last year.
Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016 -

M2M Solution

Here at M2M we have a range of procedures we can put in place to protect your Sage business solution. We recognise that there is no one size fits all plan, it has to be tailor made to suit your requirements, however there are three basic strategies we apply to determine what’s best for your business


We use preventative measures to seek, identify and reduce risks to ensure a disaster doesn’t occur. Our back up service protects you from the possibility of losing all your data – even if the worst happens – we can get you up and running again ASAP


Detective measures are taken to discover the presence of any unwanted events within the IT infrastructure. We aim to uncover any potential threats using up-to-date antivirus software or by installing server and network monitoring software


Corrective measures focus on what do in the aftermath of such a disaster. What have we learned? What can we do next time to stop such a disaster happening again? Risk Assessments and critical documents may have to be changed to safegaurd your systems in the future

What makes our solution THE Solution to choose?

We make the recovery process an integral part of the solution so restoring backups is much easier, and doesn’t require specialist knowledge – just a general familiarity with PCs. M2M hold your backups securely ‘off site’ in our data warehouse – meaning that should your office be hit by a meteor you are still able to restore your data and files once your company relocates, and in the meantime you can continue to work using the backups restored into our own datacentre.

We have 3 options available so you are able to choose a backup and recovery solution to suit your budget. Each option is priced according to the speed of recovery in the event of a problem. Please get in touch – we can discuss your requirements for data back up and assist you to choose the package that is right for your business. You’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is.

DR Basic

Recover your Sage solution from Data Loss or Hardware Failure

Why Basic?

A suitable option for businesses where in the event of a total hardware failure the business is able to manage without their Sage Environment for several days.

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DR Standard

Recovery options where restoring to physical servers may no longer be an option

Why DR Standard?

A suitable option where you are able to manage without access to your sage environment for a couple of days without significant loss of earnings.

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DR Premium

A complete solution offering bespoke client backups, data sources and recovery modes

Why Dr Premium?

Choose DR Premium for complete peace of mind and the ability to recover your business IT environment in the shortest possible time

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