The Benefits of Using a Credit Control Add-on for your Sage 200

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Why Working Capital is Central to your Business’s Success

It’s no secret that working capital is one of the most important elements of your business – I mean let’s face it – without it even the most profitable of companies can find themselves in difficulties. Put simply, working capital is the amount of cash that a business can easily get its hands on. As a rule, a business with plenty of working capital is more successful.

With money in the bank, a firm can invest, generate sales and grow the business. Without money in the bank, a business risks running out of cash… Short term, having no cash makes it difficult to pay suppliers on time or to pay staff wages. In the longer term, it means you can’t expand, invest in new equipment or take on more skilled people.

Managing working capital properly generates cash, helps improve profits and reduces risk. This is what makes the function of credit control a crucial component to your business’s operations. Your cash flow can be significantly improved if cash owed is collected faster. After all, getting paid for your product or service is essential to your business’s success.

By making credit control your number one priority, you can greatly increase the number of outstanding payments collected and the speed at which payments are made. Thereby ensuring there’s always enough money in the bank.

What Are the Biggest Credit Control Challenges for Businesses?
Cutting Costs

• Reducing waste
• Reducing staff overheads

Improving Cash Flow

• Getting paid faster – reducing debtor days
• Reducing long term overdue balances
• Improving access to working capital
• Resolving disputes quicker
• Removing reasons for non-payment

Reducing Risk

• Reducing dependency on external funding

The Solution…

As your business grows, it gets harder to stay on top of your finances. Unfortunately, when your accounts are managed inefficiently, an enormous amount of your time and energy is wasted on manual governing. Thankfully, Draycir Credit Hound provides an ideal solution to each of the challenges listed above.

Once integrated with Sage 200, Credit Hound shows you where your money is and who you need to chase. It is designed to automate and streamline the processes involved in good credit management. This quickly improves productivity and brings immediate cost savings to a number of key areas within your business.

The Benefits of Using a Credit Control Add-on for your Sage 200
Chase Payments with Ease

With all the information you need on screen to help you chase payments, you can record notes and schedule follow-up calls. And with greater automation of chasing procedures, it’s possible to chase as many as sixty customers in the same time it takes to chase six customers using manual methods.

Save Time & Money

Save time carrying out repetitive tasks by setting up rules and actions to automatically send chase letters, put accounts on stop and schedule phone calls. By e-mailing and faxing credit control correspondence, you can also dramatically reduce your costs, compared to manually printing and posting statements and letters.

Keep Track of Disputed Invoices

Dispute handling features help you keep track of disputed invoices and its comprehensive reporting system gives you a clear overview of your debtor situation.

M2M Technology Can Help

At M2M Technology, we want to help. This is why, if you try Credit Hound today, you’ll get our free 30 day trial and demonstration included. The free trial is a powerful tool which gives you an opportunity to use the software and see for yourself that Credit Hound can work wonders for your business’s credit control. Call 01245 494847 for more information, or email us here.

5 Benefits of Using a Sage Support Partner for Aftercare on your Products

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As with any new software, there will always be uncertainties in the back of your mind that you simply can’t find the answers to. Whether you have a question about your software, want to find out about training or stay up to date with software and legislation changes, a Sage support partner will have it covered.

Support from experts who use software themselves is the best type of support you can gain, which is one of the reasons why choosing aftercare of your Sage products from a Sage support partner can prove invaluable.

What is a Sage Support Provider?

An official Sage partner markets, installs and trains people on Sage products, providing you with an array of advantages when it comes to your software aftercare. Here, we discuss these advantages in more detail…

The Advantages of Software Aftercare from a Sage Support Provider
1.     Fantastic Customer Service

The service and aftercare offered by a Sage support partner means for customers with often limited sources of help and advice and very often no IT department, you can gain prompt and accurate answers to pressing questions, providing you with the knowledge and confidence you need to persevere.

2.     Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from a dedicated account manager when choosing a Sage partner for aftercare. This will provide you with everything you need to build a stronger relationship with your clients.

3.     Customised Support to Suit your Business Needs

The support you receive will be customised to match your individual business needs, as well as being quick, efficient and friendly. That way, when you need to call, your support team will be on hand to deal with your queries and technical issues effectively and professionally.

4.     Expert Training Sessions

Training should always be the number one priority when switching software, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Whether it is the tech help team of the new system that isn’t providing the right training, or management not having sufficient time to fully educate their employees, good training can be difficult to come by. Thankfully, with help from a Sage support partner, you’ll get access to expert training, and be able to book training sessions for your Sage products at your convenience.

5.     Emergency Assistance

Should disaster strike and your Sage system go down, this could result in significant data loss. A Sage support provider can help you in such an emergency. The assistance of a Sage support provider means that in a couple of hours, they can have your data recovered and your system completely restored. Problem solved.

The M2M Award Winning Support Team

The M2M award winning support team (Sage Circle of Excellence Award for customer service) supports businesses across the UK via dedicated Sage support desks.

We have been working with Sage software solutions for over 25 years, and all our team are Sage accredited with a wealth of experience in supporting businesses across all industries.

We understand that the smooth running of your Sage system is a key part in ensuring the continuity of your business. That’s why we take the time to get to know each of our customers personally, so we understand your individual business needs.

At M2M, we’re around not just for advice on how software works, but also for advice on how to get the most out of your system to enable you to achieve better business performance.

Get in Touch Today…

If you’d like to improve your business by adapting and extending your software environment to better meet your specific needs, contact us at M2M today.

Top 10 Benefits of Document Capture for Sage 200



Harnessing the power of technology can work wonders for your business, particularly when you consider the vast amount of time spent fulfilling administrative tasks. Such tasks can often be minimised with the aid of helpful technologies, helping to free up your time for more strategic activities.

When you consider the rate at which business content is growing as a result of today’s mobile, social and cloud transformation, the demand for businesses to effectively capture and manage their data is crucial, making it a key area for technological enhancement.

For example, Document Capture can help to enhance the way you work and transform your document management processes by providing a simple, yet effective means to easily capture and electronically archive documents, replacing paper documents and dated administrative practices.

What is Document Capture?

Document Capture integrates with your software (i.e. Sage 200) to handle various types of incoming documents throughout your organisation. It works by electronically storing your documents, as an alternative to having vast volumes of paper using up valuable office space. What’s more, documents can be destroyed when scanned, enabling you to keep track of your important documents via an improved, automated structure.

How Can It Improve My Business?

With the help of Document Capture solutions, you can gain a competitive advantage over other businesses, with many benefits to gain from. For example, Document Capture allows you to capture, store, manage, view and deliver various types of content.

It automates and extracts data, whether from digital or paper sources, at the point of origination in order to move at the speed of your business, therefore providing a fast and efficient way to keep digital documents organised and safe.

What Are the Benefits of Document Capture?
  1. Improves Accuracy

You can find documents instantly, and reduce the chance of misfiling or losing them.

  1. Enhances Business Productivity

Real-time digitisation of document information helps improve productivity by speeding up traditionally administrative roles and offering significant time savings.

  1. Speeds Up Information Retrieval

With the click of a button you can view the information you require, be it the sales quote, purchase order, dispatch note, sales invoice or order query correspondence.

  1. Ensures HM Revenue & Customs Compliance

Spindle Document Capture helps to comply with HM Revenue & Customs regarding the storage of electronic invoices.

  1. Reduces Environment Impact

The amount of paper waste can be significantly reduced when using digital documents instead of paper, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your business paper costs.

  1. Streamlines Internal Processes

Batches of documents can be scanned in by any capture user, saving time in your accounts department.

  1. Lowers Number of Queries

By allowing access to view all documents across all departments, documents are much easier to find with instant access from other office locations, therefore helping to lower the usual number of queries made.

  1. Enables Faster Responses to Customers

Document capture accelerates business processes to enable faster responses to customers.

  1. Heightens File Organisation

You can simply tag documents to add a reference name or number to each image and associate it with a transaction in your system (i.e. Sage 200).

  1. Reduces Storage Space

By having an automated solution in place, your office can remain neat and tidy with a reduced requirement for paperwork, and therefore a reduced storage space.

Spindle Document Capture for Sage 200 Integration

Spindle Document Capture offers the key solution to help improve workflow and reduce the level of time and strain in searching for documents. It integrates directly with Sage 200, including sales order processing, purchase order processing, sales ledger, purchase ledger nominal ledger, cash book and project accounting. It features each of the benefits listed above, ensuring users can locate their required documents with ease.

How M2M Can Help…

If you’re interested in streamlining your practices, reducing your costs and improving your cash flow, Draycir’s innovative and award-winning products could help. Find out more about Spindle Document Capture by contacting us at M2M Technologies today on 01245 494 847 or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Sage 50 vs. Sage 200: Choosing the Right Financial Software for your Business



Are you having trouble choosing between Sage 50 and Sage 200? Sage 200 is the natural upgrade route for Sage 50 customers who find themselves necessitating a system that can manage more complex business processes and functionality.

Businesses commonly start with Sage 50 as their chosen finance software, and then as their business expands, they upgrade to Sage 200. This is largely due to Sage 50 being better suited to companies of up to 50 employees (and up to £10m turnover), and Sage 200 being better suited to companies of up to 200 staff members (and a £50m maximum turnover).

In this article, we’ll be considering the features of both Sage 50 and Sage 200 and comparing the functionalities of the two. This will help those of you on the cusp of making a decision between the two pieces of software by gaining a better understanding of the advantages of each.

SAGE 50 Software

With SAGE 50, you can keep track of your cash flow, and manage your payments. SAGE 50 assists in providing an accurate view of your cash position with easy bank reconciliation and e-banking. It enables you to manage and submit your payroll information to HMRC, communicate effectively with your accountant, set up a pension with ease or automatically calculate statutory payments.

Sage 50 provides a variety of unique system wide functionalities that differ to Sage 200, these include:

  • A ‘calculate net’ option in ALL data entry processes (Sage 200 offers this facility in common areas of use such as bank payments and receipts)
  • Memorising data entry form content, allowing you to complete a data entry form before saving it as a transaction, and then asking the system to memorise what has been entered and storing it as a named entry. This means you can complete the same data entry screen by recalling the memorised form rather than typing it in again – an ideal functionality when handling the same types of transaction frequently
  • Global data changes. In Sage 50 the user can set the same characteristic on all (all or a group) of customers, suppliers and stock items by altering one record and having the rest update rather than editing each record in turn
  • Portrait reports. Nearly all of the Sage 50 reports are portrait while with Sage 200 the standard layout of reports are landscape
  • Built in database backup and restore, giving you extra peace of mind (automated backups are now available for Sage 200 Extra Online)
  • Accountants Link. The user can send a copy of their data to their accountant and the accountant can make adjustments while the user keeps working on their copy of the data. The accountant then sends a file back to add their adjustments into the users system without losing what they have been doing
  • Audit preparation pack. A set of reports that allows the user to check data for the kind of anomalies that accountants and VAT inspectors look for so they can be addressed before the accountant or VAT inspector arrives
  • Event log. The user can configure the system to record whenever one of a nominated set of processes is run so later, the user can see what has been happening. The diary mimics the calendar in Outlook with import and export options for integration
  • Credit controller function
  • Batch reporting
  • VAT self-audit
SAGE 200 Software

For Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs), SAGE 200 provides complete visibility of information across your business via a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. The software allows you to choose the modules and features that are right for your business with a fully customisable solution. It also enables you to manage your finances, customers and business insight all-in-one.

Sage 200 provides a variety of functionalities that Sage 50 does not, these include:

  • Currency; spot and period exchange rates; exchange rate history; support for euro triangulation
  • User definable workspaces
  • Choice of number of accounting periods per year
  • Control of length of accounting period
  • Ability to open/close/re-open a period
  • True transaction audit trail
  • Choice of invoice or movement date for intrastat prep
  • Separate create, amend and view forms
  • Integrated CRM
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
Sage 50 vs. Sage 200

A common misconception is that Sage 200 offers the same tools as Sage 50 but with more advanced features, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Both packages provide a great number of useful business functionalities, as you can see from the lists above. It’s just that the Sage 200 package is aimed at growing businesses, whilst Sage 50 is better suited to smaller businesses.

Which Software Suits your Business Best?

Ultimately when it comes down to Sage 200 vs Sage 50 – they are both equally effective and provide winning processes for businesses of all sizes. There is no winner or loser as such. There is only a right and wrong solution for your business.

If you’d like more information on choosing the right Sage solution for your business, contact us today.

The 8 Benefits of Sage CRM for SMBs


What is Sage CRM?

Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a valuable way for businesses to track and manage interactions with their prospects, leads and customers as they make their way through the sales cycle of a company, but how?

Well, the sales, marketing and service modules of Sage CRM extend the power of a Sage Business Management Solution right across a business, giving end-to-end visibility and trusted data so that you can make informed business decisions based on accurate information at all times.

Over 14,000 small and medium sized companies across the globe use Sage CRM every day to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction counts. So, what benefits can it bring to your business?

What Are the Benefits of Sage CRM for SMBs?

Sage CRM software provides companies with valuable insight that can ultimately benefit their bottom line. It is also associated with the following exciting benefits:

1.       Gaining Better Insights

With Sage CRM you can generate reports for key areas of your business including sales, customer service, lead reports, marketing and so on. You can even create tailored reports that measure how the business is performing against KPIs. These types of reports help managers evaluate where the business stands and make more informed decisions.

2.       Leads & Opportunity Management

With CRM software, your sales team can manage leads from first contact through to final customer acquisition. You and your management team can optimise sales resources and ensure your team members spend more time on profitable opportunities and less on administration.

3.       Boosted Productivity with Collaborative Working

Sage CRM can help all departments of a company to become more productive on a regular basis. The software is intended specifically to serve the sales, marketing and customer support departments of a business, enabling them to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

4.       Advancing your Marketing Strategy

Marketing teams can identify leads, opportunities and closed sales and use Sage CRM to plan targeted campaigns and track these results in real-time. Sage CRM also supports email marketing by connecting with MailChimp, so you can send high quality, e-marketing campaigns that deliver on your investment then track your campaigns in your CRM software.

5.       Increasing Revenue

While you will have to spend a certain amount to use Sage CRM software, it is well worth it when you consider the long-term savings you will get in return. Once the overall productivity and efficiency of your company’s departments starts increasing, so will your revenue.

6.       Improving Customer Relationships

Establish a strong relationship with your customers and improve customer relationships by organising and automating communications and activities across all customer-facing departments. You can handle queries and complaints and resolve queries faster and more effectively with up-to-date information.

7.       Managing Data Effectively

Sage CRM is built to manage your contact information and makes contact management easy due to its secure, central database. Storing phone numbers, email and postal addresses in one central location as well as communication history, sales quotes, and orders received makes data retrieval fast and easy, ideal for travelling sales people requiring mobile access.

8.       Sales Force Automation

Using Sage CRM, you can automate many of the day-to-day tasks that form part of the sales process including order processing, lead management and sales forecasts. This automation eliminates the need to spend time performing manual daily tasks like scheduling sales calls.

Drive Revenue Growth in your Business…

Forward-thinking business owners and managers need new ways of growing their businesses. By automating processes within your business, you are able to do more for less.

It pays to ensure employees can work smarter and management have the information they need to make more informed business decisions.

Only then can you control costs, increase revenues and accelerate the success of your business.

This is where Sage CRM can help… by integrating a CRM solution, small and medium sized businesses can achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

With a complete view of customer activity across your business, you will gain better business insight, increase the productivity of your teams, and put your business on the path to growth.

Explore how Sage CRM is helping businesses everyday by delivering business insights that matter here.

6 Benefits of Using a Hosted Server for your Sage Solution


Improving your Business Software

If you’ve been thinking about buying or upgrading to Sage 200, a crucial factor to consider is the compatibility of your IT infrastructure to run the software. Developments in hardware and the associated Microsoft technologies (Server, SQL, Windows, Office etc.) are ongoing and can make improving your business software much more costly than it needs to be.

Working from Multiple Locations & Devices

In addition, flexible working, from multiple locations and multiple devices is now a ‘must have’ for many companies. Whether you are working from home, abroad or on the move in between meetings, having the option to work remotely is no longer a benefit, it’s a genuine requirement.

As users spend increasing amounts of time moving from one device to another, the ability to have a seamless user experience with continuous access to your company information has become a process more difficult to oversee. Factors such as security, permissions, data sovereignty, disaster recovery, and continuity are all of paramount importance yet are not part of your day job. So, how can you gain the relevant service without having to oversee such dynamics?

Using a Secure Hosting Service

By using a secure hosting service, you can be sure that your Sage 200 system and data are secure, backed-up and accessible from multiple devices. Find out more about the key benefits a hosted server can bring to your business…

Key Benefits:
·         A flexible solution

A hosted server for your sage software offers a flexible solution that’s built to suit your needs both now and in the future… What’s more, you can tailor the service you receive to suit the requirements of your business, and if things change, this flexible solution can be altered accordingly.

·         Disaster recovery

Gain from enhanced security and automated data back-ups, ensuring you have a back-up should disaster strike. With 24-7 monitoring and UK based support also available; your business can gain valuable, reliable and accessible assistance when you need it most.

·         Cost effective

By choosing this cost effective solution you can gain from immediate efficiency without large capital expenditure. This low upfront investment and simple implementation means you can focus on growth, profitability, productivity and innovation helping you to improve your business performance.

·         Accessible on any device

Access your data on the move using your mobile device, meaning you can gain the service you need anytime, anywhere. Users can connect depending on their individual requirements making this accessible investment simple to access whether you’re in the office, working from home, or between meetings.

·         Future proofed technology

While you can’t avoid change altogether, you can ensure that the foundation of your technology is flexible enough to adapt. This future proofed technology provides users with simple upgrade paths and scope for expansion, enabling plenty of possibility for adaption as both time and your business progress.

·         No long term contracts

While many companies are renowned for forcing their clients to sign lengthy contracts and long-term agreements, our hosting solution is available month to month, so you don’t feel tied down.

How Can M2M Technology Help?

Whilst Sage offer an online version of Sage 200, which is an excellent solution for companies with a low user counts and modest requirements, it does not yet encompass all the modules and is limited in its ability to integrate with other systems. Additionally, for existing Sage 200 users, there is presently no formal commercial model to transition you into the online subscription world. This is where M2M Technology can help. If you would like to know more about our hosting options for Sage 200, please get in touch today…