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A powerful award winning credit control solution

It is designed to automate and streamline the processes involved in good credit management. This quickly improves productivity and brings immediate cost savings to a number of key areas in the business. 

With greater automation of chasing procedures, its possible to chase Sixty customers or more in the same time it takes to chase six using manual methods. By e-mailing and faxing credit control correspondence, costs are dramatically reduced, when compared to manually printing and posting statements and letters.

Features and benefits

  • A virtual credit controller with self-chasing
  • Account grouping and categories
  • Dispute handling and resolution support
  • BI management information and reporting
  • Integration information and reporting
  • Integration with Spindle Professional to e-mail, fax, print and archive
  • Multi-user and multi-company functionality
  • Credit Hound has been designed to be easy to use
  • Attractive graphics highlights key elements on each screen

Home Page

The Home Page is the starting off point for users and managers

For Management

The home page gives management an instant insight into the state of their cash flow and highlights issues within their credit control procedures.

For Credit Controllers

The Home Page tells the credit controller where efforts need to be focused and indicates any outstanding items that need to be monitored.

Chase Screen

Central to good credit control is having information instantly to hand. Credit Hound brings the relevant information together in a single ‘Chase Screen’.

The Chase Screen gathers all the details needed about a customer, from outstanding invoices and contact names and email addresses to previous chase history and notes.

Here pre-defined reasons for non-payment can be selected and Credit Hound suggests prompts or ways to process overcome the issue. Users can also flag invoices as being on dispute and then start a simple workflow process to help correctly record the required information.

At the end of a telephone call Credit Hound automatically suggests the printing of supporting paperwork from predefined templates. This greatly reduces the time between calls and improves the whole cash collection process.

Rules & Actions

Much of a credit controller’s work involves the same repetitive tasks over and over again.

Rules and Actions automates many of these tasks and greatly reduces the work load of credit controllers, enabling more time to be spent on lowering the amount of money owed and sorting out disputed invoices.

Self-chasing is automatic execution of Rules & Actions – it doesn’t even require human intervention.

The automated actions can write batches of letters, place accounts on stop and create diary entries for users to telephone customers.


Credit Hound’s built-in-calendar reminds the user who needs to be called, when and why.

This enables you to keep on top of promised payments as well as remembering to review disputed invoices. With the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Outlook, you will instantly feel comfortable and confident using the calendar.

Crucially, the events in the calendar are linked to the accounts system; so once an invoice is paid, events are automatically completed. This not only saves valuable time; just as importantly, it avoids the possibility of chasing payments that have already been made.

Management can then be assured that all the credit controllers are following a consistent process.

Why Working Capital is so important for you business

There is nothing more important than getting paid for your product or service. A customer who does not pay is not a customer.

Cash flow can be significantly improved is cash owed is collected faster. Put simply, working capital is the amount of cash that a business can easily get its hands on.

Working capital is a measure – it tells you how much of the firms assets are available. As a rule, a business with
plenty of working capital is more successful. With money in the bank, a firm can invest, generate sales and grow the business.

If there’s simply not enough working capital, a business risks running out of cash and the faster a business expands, the more working capital it needs.

Even very profitable businesses can find themselves in difficulties when cash is low. Short term, having no cash
makes it difficult to pay supplier on time or to pay staff wages. In the longer term, it means you can’t expand,
invest in new equipment or take on more skilled people.

Managing working capital properly generates cash, helps improve profits and reduces risk.

Why buy Credit Hound?

What are today’s Financial Directors tasked with?

Cut costs

  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce staff overheads

Improve cash flow

  • Get paid faster – reduce debtor days
  • Reduce long term overdue balances
  • Improve access to working capital
  • Resolve disputes quicker
  • Remove reasons for non-payment

Reduce risk

  • Reduce dependency on external funding

Credit Hound is the solution to these challenges

Questions for your business

  • How do you do credit control? Do you print off an aged debt list and run through it with a pen and ruler?
  • Is there anyone in your team spending a significant amount of time on credit control?
  • Does your credit control team spend the majority of their time doing administration rather than making calls to chase late payments?
  • Would you like to take care of all letter writing and the majority of credit control related admin?
  • Can you access the required level of working capital within your business?
  • Are you finding it difficult to obtain credit from usual sources?
  • Do you have a large amount of outstanding debt?
  • Do you have a problem with pulling in old debts?
  • Do you find it hard to manage clients and disputes efficiently?
  • Would you like visibility of what happens after you invoice someone?

Try Credit Hound today with our free 30 day trial and demonstration!

The free trial is a powerful tool which gives you an opportunity to use the software and see that Credit Hound provides answers to all of these questions.