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Spindle Document Capture for Sage 200

Spindle Document Capture will enhance the way you work and transform your document management processes by providing a simple,yet effective means to easily capture and electronically archive documents and view them directly within Sage 200.

Switching from paper to electronic processes can bring numerous benefits to your company, including reducing required storage space in your office or eliminating external document storage costs. In addition, all documents are stored in one place, which vastly improves the document retrieval process.

With Spindle Document Capture you immediately reduce the costs of processing incoming documents. Through instant scanning, archiving and retrieving of documents you save time eliminate the risk of misfiling an important paper document.

Storage and monitoring of documents is more secure and you can access and share documents quickly and easily. Spindle Document Capture removes the need for time consuming and routine administration tasks,boosts productivity, reduce the risk of errors and saves on print and paper cost. By transforming your document Management process, Spindle Document Capture brings you closer to the reality of running an efficent paper-free office.

Answering the questions below will help you evaluate the need for a document capture solution for your business.

  • How many documents get lost or misfiled?
  • Is your office cluttered with piles of documents?
  • How much time do your staff spend walking around the building, searching for paperwork?
  • How often do your accounts team get asked for documents by other departments?
  • Would it be useful if the sales department could access all relevant documents whenever they need to?
  • How would it improve efficiency, if all your incoming and outgoing documents were stored in one please and accessible instantly?
  • How safe is your document storage?
  • How much money do you spend on off-site storage?
  • Do you comply with HMRC regulations?
  • How conscious is your company about its environmental credentials?

Benefits and Features

HM Revenue & Customs compliance

Spindle Document capture helps to comply with HM Revenue & Customs regarding storage of electronic invoices. However you must ensure you still adhere to HM Revenue & Customs guidelines.

Reduce Storage Space

With Spindle Document Capture, documents are electronically stored instead of using up valuable office space and can be destroyed when scanned.

Reduced Environmental Impact

The amount of paper waste can be significantly reduced when using digital documents instead of paper. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint, but also bring savings on paper recycling fees.

Spindle Document Capture will enhance your document management processes by giving you greater access to documents, reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.

Capture & archive within Sage 200

Work directly within Sage 200 to capture and archive incoming documents, either from a file or a scan.

Spindle Document Capture integrates into the following Sage 200 modules to handle many types of incoming documents throughout your organisation.

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Project Accounting


Introducing the Pending Tray

Pending Tray is a holding area for your incoming documents, where your captured documents wait to be archived in Sage 200. This means that users without access to Sage 200 can capture and hold documents in the Pending Tray until the accounts department is ready to archive the documents in Sage 200.

Improve efficiency by easily scanning batches of documents in one go. Scans can be linked to the relevant entries in Sage 200 enabling instant viewing.


Easy Archiving with Barcodes

Instantly associate scanned documents to Sage 200 entries using barcodes.

Put barcodes onto your documents and scan them in batch at any later point in time, meaning fewer trips to the scanner. As soon as your barcoded documents are captured, they can automatically be archived against relevant entries in Sage 200.

Enter your order into Sage 200 as normal, print off the barcode and place it anywhere on your document.

When scanning the document, Spindle Document Capture will automatically recognise it and assign the document to the correct entry within Sage 200


Quick Document Viewing

Instantly view documents from within various areas of Sage 200, making it quick and easy to find the documents you need.

Document Search is an easy search toll for all types of documents and can be used by Sage 200 users and non-accounting staff to view documents, giving greater accessibility to other departments and reducing queries within the accounts department.

Spindle Professional Integration

Spindle Professional is an outgoing document solution that, with just one click, sends documents to multiple locations by e mail, fax and print. It can take care of all your outgoing documents like invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, delivery notes, statements, remittance advices, credit notes and many more.

Documents sent by Spindle Professional can be branded to your company, including promotional offers, various designs and even relevant terms & conditions, depending on how and what you send out.

Spindle Professional used in conjunction with Spindle Document Capture creates a complete document management solution for Sage 200 and it helps you achieve a paper-free office.

Spindle Document Capture instantly archives all your outgoing documents for immediate viewing within Sage 200 or through the convenient Document Search tool.

In addition, when your outgoing documents (e.g. signed Despatch Notes) come back for archiving, Spindle Document Capture will automatically recognise barcodes printed by Spindle Professional and assign your scanned documents to correct entries within Sage 200.