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What is Spindle Professional?

Award-winning Spindle Professional is an intelligent Windows printer driver that works with virtually any application, and is designed to help businesses create the right impression, improve document security and save time and money. It’s an ideal tool to streamline and automate communications in small to medium sized business where time and resources are at a premium.

Using spindle professional can result in significant cost savings – on stationary, postage and staff administration. By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors and frees up time for more important tasks.

With Spindle Professional’s dynamic and flexible software, users can instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by e-mail, fax, print and also archived PDF files.

For a more professional look, it allows company logos and branding to be added to documents such as letters, statements, invoices, remittances, delivery notes and purchase orders. Users can print directly onto plain paper, so there’s no need for expensive pre-printed stationary.

Spindle Professional is also flexible, allowing you t create and mail customers with promotional offers and seasonal messages.

The use of digital signatures on electronic invoices ensures that the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content can be guaranteed throughout the storage period of the invoice. This is in accordance with the Council Directive 2010/45/EU which came into effect on 1st January 2013.

Benefits and Features

  • Dramatically reduces costs – document delivery by e-mail and fax
  • Creates a more professional image with company logos and branding on ongoing documents
  • Saves money and waste – can use plain paper in place of pre-printed stationary
  • Flexible – allows terms and conditions, or seasonal and promotional messages to be automatically added
  • ‘Intelligent’ – pre-programmed to fax, e-mail, print or store documents automatically for instant retrieval whenever they are needed
  • Improves document security – can incorporate digital signatures


Documents sent to Archive

By electronically storing your documents you can access them instantly. Documents can be stored in multiple locations and then retrieved by any number of users. Spindle Professional can even create a note in your CRM system, such as ACT!, and link it back to archived document. These documents can even be viewed on the CRM system.


The most cost effective way to send documents.

  • Complete with your company branding and messages, finished documents are sent as PDF files.
  • Writes email using a template you’ve designed and personalised for sender and recipient
  • Accepted by Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and checked for sending original VAT invoices
  • Supports HTML (use branding, colours, lines and images) and plain text email
  • High priority setting highlights important email to recipient
  • Automatically sends copies to multiple contacts as required
  • Attaches other documents e.g., sales offers or terms & conditions
  • Integrates with a range of email applications such as Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes


Quick document delivery from one business to another

  • Fax scheduling – save money by sending off-peak and free up phone lines
  • Automatic fax facility
  • No need to print hard copies
  • Fax-optimised stationery can be automatically selected
  • Adds terms & conditions, promotional or other messages

Barcode Generation

Create and insert barcodes to any or all of your documents

Orders don’t have to be manually entered onto a separate system for barcodes to be generated, simplifying order processing, saving time and resources.

  • Automatically generate barcodes directly onto documents
  • Creates over 40 different barcode types
  • Simplifies order processing – saves time and resources
  • No need for separate label printers or specialised fonts
  • Streamlines a wide range of processes

PDF Password Protection

  • Add security to sensitive documents
  • Password-protect batches of documents such as payslips, invoices, remittance advices
  • Password-protect single documents like contracts, agreements, HR correspondence


Microsoft SharePoint Archiving

SharePoint from Microsoft enables you and your colleagues to work more closely together –  sharing documents, tasks and calenders. Spindle Professional is an invaluable addition to SharePoint, making the software faster and more effective; enabling documents to be collated, archived, automatically indexed and instantly retrieved – making filing effortless.


When you simply can’t email or fax

  • Always prints correct number of copies
  • Copies can be printed on different stationery
  • Prints to multiple printers simultaneously
  • Automatic printer settings define paper trays, colour or black & white modes


Automatically links outgoing documents with a customer or company and saves a record of the communication for reference

  • Allows different departments access to all communications for every customer
  • Links documents directly to companies and contacts in your CRM system for easy access
  • Quotes and accounting documents stored in one place
  • Adds notes to companies and contacts confirming dates documents were sent
  • Integrates with a range of applications

PDF Digital Signatures

Send digitally signed Adobe PDF documents

  • Strengthen integrity and audit potential of electronic transactions
  • Helps protect document integrity
  • Compliant with legislation in most European countries

The move from mail to e-mail, from print to paperless, from filing to electronic storage means that it is very often impractical to use traditional handwritten signatures. In fact many of the advantages of using electronic systems fail because at some point a physical signature is still required. Digital Signatures allow you to add an electronic “fingerprint” in a cost effective, simple operation.

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