A partnered approach to construction and contracting software

A simple intuitive version of Construct that fully integrates into Sage 50, allows you to keep up-to-date with the latest legislation, whilst also keeping track of your costings and cashflow, whilst keeping everything in one place, reducing duplication of work.


Contract Costing

  • Easily keep track of costs
  • Help meet contract budgets
  • Manage purchase orders and invoices
  • Generate subcontractor certificates
  • Record time sheets
  • Client & Subcontractor Retentions
  • Report on contract profit and work in progress

Comply with HM Revenues & Customs legislation

Ensure compliance with up-to-date legislation by accurately recording, verifying and reporting to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on subcontractor tax (CIS).

Improve client billing and cashflow

Generate cumulative applications for payment and keep track of your retentions, then link this back to your accounts with appropriate management of VAT.

Sharing information

Integration between Construction LITE for Sage 50 Accounts and Sage 50 Payroll enables you to keep everything in one place, reducing the need for duplication of work.

Eque2 has many years of specialist experience providing solutions and services to the construction industry. We base our success on the skills, knowledge and industry expertise of our people. As Sage’s preferred partner in the construction industry, and with over 1,000 construction businesses utilising our construction solutions today, we will help you drive value and promote efficiency across your processes.

Construction LITE for Sage 50 Accounts helps you track your project performance by monitoring committed and actual costs against budget categories. It will support you with all your client transaction processing, hence giving you a greater visibility of Cost versus Revenue. More knowledge about your business and contracts helps you better make decisions to improve your profitability.

The system is designed to help improve cashflow management by recording valuations, applications for payment, certificates and retentions. The buying process, from purchase order generation to purchase invoice, checking budgets, quantities and rates, is also managed through the system.

Compliance with HM Revenues & Customs legislation is ensured with accurate recording, verifying and reporting on subcontractor tax (CIS), applications and certificates and VAT.

Comprehensive integration with accounts means that important information is shared effortlessly throughout the
business, saving you time and money and reducing the risk of error.


  • Raise purchase orders from budget information
  • Reconcile purchase invoices to orders
  • Enable users to control costs, revenue and retentions
  • Highlight where spending exceeds budgeted or committed cost


  • Record and share accurate subcontractor information
  • Verify subcontractor status with HMRC through the system to ensure the correct tax rate is applied
  • Accurate recording of company names, unique tax references and National Insurance numbers
  • Manage part payments of subcontractors
  • Monthly payment statement reports generated directly for issue via email
  • Record applications and generate both self-billing and authenticated receipts with retentions, CITB deductions, discounts and CIS processing
  • VAT & RCT compliant in the Republic of Ireland, in line with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners


  • Report on job performance and work in progress
  • Monitor actual costs against committed and budgeted costs
  • Deduct, record and report on both subcontract and sales retentions, ensuring liabilities are reduced and outstanding monies are claimed
  • Generate reports showing monies applied for (certified and paid) by client and/or contract
  • Produce payment reports with details of payments made and tax deducted for each subcontractor
  • All your project information accessible via your standard set of reports
  • Access the suite of ‘standard reports’ and produce your own using the Report Designer


  • Eliminate repeat entry of data onto disparate systems
  • Complete cost monitoring from budget through committed costs, actual costs, applied and actual sales, through integration with Sage 50 Accounts
  • Process time sheets by batch to the project with Sage 50 Payroll integration

Availability of certain features and functions subject to licensing options. Reporting requirements will be agreed
on a case by case basis